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New treatment and Prevention of Female Reproductive Tract Infection.
  • Colitis, increase leucorrhea, taint;
  • Cervicitis, cervical erosion;
  • All kinds of gynecologic surgery, prevent bacterial infections pre-and post-operative;
  • Vaginal infections during gestation period;
  • Prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Physical absorption, no cross reaction, vaginal infection women can safely use during gestation period;
  • Unique way to eliminate vaginal odor with antipruritic effect;
  • No effect on internal environment, and actobacilli growth;
  • No medicine, toxin and allergy free, no cause for drug resistance;
  • Prevent secondary infections after gynecologic operation, promote healing, accelerate regeneration of tissue;
  • Ready to use package, pollution-free, good compliance.
How it works:
The product is well designed according to women physical structure, applys prefilled package with built-in suppository (figure). The absorbed inner core is composed of ES non-woven fabrics and highly active carbon.
What it can do:
Has antibacterial and antipruritic effect. Adsorption through physical action and clear pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the vagina, eliminate odors, can be used as an adjuvant therapy to regulate vaginal environment, restore normal physiological conditions, and promote postoperative cell growth and tissue regeneration.
How to apply:
1.Open a package and hold the guide pulling and the outer canula between thumb and foreginger, breath deeply and then gentaly push in the outer canula to vagina, slightly rotate the canual while pushing will be a good help.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
2.Stop pushing when your hand touch the body, hold the outer canula and push the inner one completely into the outer canual with your forefinger, so that the canula core can leaves the canula and move to bottom of vagina.
3.After the canula core reached the bottom of vagina, gently remove the inner and outer canulas and discard, part of the guide pulling will stay outside the body, hold and pull out the outside part of the guide pulling when replacing. Do not take it out while using toilet.
Vagina Structure
Medical activated carbon fiber has large amount of massive invisible microspores in its inner pore structure that develops a very large surface area . The total surface area of 1g activated carbon is about 800 – 1500 square meter. These highly developed pore structure makes the activated carbon excellent absorb ability. They can absorb the materials more than 20 times of their own size. Besides, after activation treatment, the force of the activated carbon fiber molecules has been greatly enhanced to achieve the maxium absorbance.
Under such features, the specially-treated activated carbon fiber has strong absorption. It can prevent and clean the deadly bacteria and virus in the vagina. The constant absorption keeps the bacteria and virus away from the water and nutrition, indirectly block their growth so as to have certain effects on bacteria-inhibiting.

When to use:
Use during the day time and before bedtime, appropriate place time is 5-9 hours, 8 days is one course of treatment.
Clinic Treatment Guideline